Power supply solutions
⠀⠀ Modern, energy-efficient and safe electrical infrastructure is an integral part of successful and growing production.

⠀⠀ Ltd "South Power Engineering Plant" carries out complex construction, reconstruction of energy infrastructure to solve technical problems set by modern trends in energy technology.
⠀⠀ The staff of our company is more than 200 people, ready to start performing tasks of any complexity level. In addition, in our fleet is more than 35 units of special equipment, including 20 units for off-road and special machinery.
Underground power lines
Overhead power lines
Equipment supply
Power supply services include:
Obtaining permitting documents
Power lines
Transport infrastructure
Individual solutions
Construction and reconstruction of substations
⠀⠀ The construction of 110 kW, 330 kW and 750 kW substations is one of the main activities of the Ltd "South Power Engineering Plant", which has been providing a full range of services in the field of power supply for many years, contributing to the development of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.
⠀⠀ As reliable partners, large private customers and state-owned enterprises of the energy complex entrust us with the construction of their facilities. To perform our work qualitatively and always on time are the main principles of our company.
⠀⠀Construction of substations is a complex multi-level process that involves the implementation of numerous tasks: from the preparation of design documentation to the launch of a finished facility. In the process, we carry out a number of survey, design, general construction, installation, commissioning works.

We offer comprehensive solutions for the construction of electrical substations:
Development and approval of design and estimate documentation of any phasing for substations with the class of consequences CC1-CC3, preparation of a project for the construction works;
Design and construction of technological, administrative and utility buildings, installation of pre-fabricated modular premises.
Execution of general construction and installation work on the arrangement of foundations, grounding devices, cable routes, supports, portals, fire barriers, drainage systems, oil outlets and other technological structures.
Installation, commissioning, commissioning of switchgear equipment (GIS) for indoor and outdoor installation: high-voltage circuit breakers, instrument transformers, disconnectors, surge suppressors, HF channel equipment, compensation devices.
Installation, adjustment, commissioning of shielded and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) conductors of any voltage class, including rigid and flexible busbars. sulfur hexafluoride.
Modernization and installation of relay protection and automation devices, automatic process control systems, electricity metering and quality control systems, ventilation systems, noise suppression, automatic fire extinguishing and explosion protection.
Implementation of design solutions for telemechanization of substations.
Construction of transport facilities and communications, works on the rehabilitation and land improvement of a substation territory.
We offer comprehensive solutions for the construction and maintenance of substations from 110 kW to 750 kW.

We offer comprehensive solutions for the construction and maintenance of substations from 110 kW to 750 kW
Relay protection, automation, communication and telemechanics
⠀⠀ Relay protection and substation automation is the main component of stable, reliable and durable operation of the power system in normal operation mode. Modern relay protection and automation devices (RPA) are built on microprocessor-based devices that combine various protective functions, automation, communication and telemechanics elements.

⠀⠀ Relay protection and substation automation is the main component of stable, reliable and durable operation of the power system in normal operation mode. Modern relay protection and automation devices (RPA) are built on microprocessor-based devices that combine various protective functions, automation, communication and telemechanics elements. Specialists of our company build multifunctional cabinets for relay protection and automation, communications and telemechanics on the basis of these devices.
RPA services include:
Checking the setting of actuation of RPA devices.
Carrying out preventive control and restoration of RPA devices.
Calculation of short-circuit currents for drawing up a selectivity map and selection of characteristics of RPA devices.
Manufacturing of prefabricated panels of RPA, telemechanics and communications on an individual order.
Reliability is one of the main principles of our work
Reliability is one of the main principles of our work
Construction of industrial buildings, prefabricated objects
⠀⠀ Ltd "South Power Engineering Plant" is engaged in the design, construction and maintenance of various facilities: industrial, administrative, social, etc. In particular, one of the accompanying specializations of the company is the construction of "turn-key" prefabricated modular structures in the territories of high-voltage substations in Ukraine.

⠀⠀ The specialists of our company take care of all the worries regarding the construction of industrial and manufacturing buildings: we are competent enough to do everything ourselves (or to attract proven contractors, which is also exclusively our concern).

⠀⠀ The construction of industrial facilities requires careful attention, as any detail can affect the operation of an entire industrial facility. In addition, the life and safety of employees of the enterprise and even residents of nearby territories depends on the competence of engineers and builders.
Underground cable lines
⠀⠀ Laying power cables in the ground is the most common, affordable and cheapest way to install a cable. The advantage is that the cable in the ground is protected from mechanical damage, for example, from weather influences, stormy winds or snowfall. Most often, the cable is simply buried in the ground, and a special underground sewer can be used to give additional protection.
⠀⠀ We have experience in implementing a large number of projects, more than 30 units of special machinery, as well as the professionalism of our designers, engineers, and installers to carry out such work.
⠀⠀ Specialists of Ltd "South Power Engineering Plant" have skills supported by the most innovative technologies and equipment in the industry for design, laying, commissioning of cable lines for substations and their consumers with voltage up to 330 kW.
Stages of cable lines construction:
implementation of a detailed design of a power cable installation;
preparatory and excavation work;
installation of trays (pipes) for cable laying;
power cable laying;
installation of couplings and end couplings (tips);
measurements and testing of cable insulation;
connecting the cable to electrical equipment.
150 000+
meters of laid lines
⠀⠀ When laying the cable at a shallow depth, the installation is carried out manually, and if it is necessary to bury the cable deeper, then a cable layer is used. Our company has two new devices from a Polish manufacturer for pulling all types of cables. This ensures compliance with the technology of the installation of cables, thereby giving confidence in the uninterrupted operation of the entire power system. If the work is carried out at subzero temperatures, then it is necessary to heat the cable. In cold weather, the cable insulation hardens and becomes less elastic, causing the risk of damage to the cable.

⠀⠀ If it is needed to lay a large number of cables, then reinforced concrete tunnels are made with a width of at least 1 meter. The cable is laid in a trench in a sinusoidal manner, avoiding crossing, with a margin equal to 13% of its total length. The margin compensates for possible ground displacement.

⠀⠀ However, it is not always possible to dig trenches. If necessary, trenchless cable laying can also be carried out, namely punctures under the road, under the railway, under the carriageway, under the building, under the river. All this is carried out using the horizontal directional drilling method.
Overhead power lines
⠀⠀ As a general contractor in the field of construction, reconstruction and maintenance of power grids, LLC Ltd "South Power Engineering Plant" has extensive knowledge in the field of power supply systems over long distances through the construction of stable and reliable structures for the installation of overhead power lines.
⠀⠀ All work is carried out using advanced, certified materials, parts and components in strict accordance with the project, with the obligatory compliance with approved safety and environmental regulations.
⠀⠀ After the agreement and approval of the design and technical documentation, a special division of our company carries out the construction of a power transmission line, consisting of the following activities:
Breakdown of the territory for support structures.
Arrangement of foundation pits for the construction of supporting structures.
Carrying out foundation work and installation of inset elements.
Delivery of supports to the object: wooden, metal, reinforced concrete.
Assembly of support elements.
Installation of supports and mounting of wires, insulators and other suspended fittings.
Backfilling of soil and recultivation.
Adjusting and entry into service.
Commissioning power lines and drawing up an act and signing it by a special selection committee.
Power transmission lines provide the ability to transfer energy in the power system directly from the power plant to the consumer without additional outlets, for example, to remote areas.
Installation of exterior lighting
⠀⠀ Ltd "South Power Engineering Plant" carries out the installation of exterior lighting, offering a specialized range of services, including design, approval, obtaining the necessary permits, installation, commissioning, launch of lighting equipment into operation.

⠀⠀ We carry out high-quality installation of outdoor lighting, taking into account the current norms and rules. The cost of each project is determined with the preparation of estimate documents.

⠀⠀ Exterior lighting services include:
calculation of the required number of supports, structures;
installation of rebar;
connection of cables, wires;
identifying the type of lighting lamps;
calculation of exterior lighting control systems.

⠀⠀Exterior lighting design solves the problem of balancing the quality of lighting and minimal costs. Every electrical project like this is a unique challenge and we pride of our ability to find the best solution.
Exterior lighting is required in the evening, at night:
● on the streets;
● on roads, highways, highways;
● in yards;
● at production, construction sites.
FOCL construction
⠀⠀ Installation of the fiber optic cable is carried out on the basis of project documentation and in compliance with regulatory requirements. The choice of the laying method is reflected and justified in the project. It must match to the type of cable, and the selected cable must correspond to the method and conditions of its installation.

⠀⠀ The company Ltd "South Power Engineering Plant" performs a full range of works on the design and construction of fiber-optic communication lines. Construction is carried out according to international standards at facilities of any complexity.

⠀⠀ The advantages of fiber optic lines:
The high bandwidth of optical fibers makes it possible to transfer large amounts of information at ultra-fast speeds.
Low signal attenuation in the optical medium makes it possible to transmit information over long distances without installing regeneration points.
High immunity and resistance to electromagnetic vibrations, as opposed to copper cables.
High information security, protection of transmitted data from unauthorized access.
Long service life, more than 25 years.
Equipment supply
⠀⠀ Ltd "South Power Engineering Plant" carries out a complex supply, installation and commissioning of the main and auxiliary equipment for the construction of energy facilities. Our customers are offered modern, high-tech products of both Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, our long-term business contacts.
⠀⠀ Our customer gets the opportunity to conclude a contract for the implementation of the entire range of works on the construction of a specific "turn-key" facility with one contractor who takes responsibility for the final product. The system used by us to optimize resource management processes throughout the entire cycle of work ensures a reduction in the total cost of an ordered service.
⠀⠀ As a part of the supply, the company Ltd "South Power Engineering Plant" provides the following services:
technical consulting;
selection of the financing option that is optimal for the client;
selection of manufacturers that guarantee quality;
implementation of transport services;
commissioning works;
warranty service.
We provide power transformers
up to 12 000 kW

⠀⠀ During many years of activity in the field of construction and modernization of energy facilities, we have concluded beneficial contracts with manufacturers of electrical equipment and related products.

⠀⠀ On competitive terms, we carry out wholesale and retail deliveries of the following power equipment:

high-voltage switching equipment (switches, disconnectors, short-circuits, earthing switches, etc.);
high-voltage switchgears: complex switchgears, packaged transformer substations, indoor switchgears;
relay protection and substation automation, communication and telemechanics cabinets;
arc suppression, current-limiting reactors, high-voltage resistors, low-voltage complex devices;
cable products;
mounting materials, power transformers of any power and design.

⠀⠀ An important condition for trouble-free operation of electrical equipment is correct installation, commissioning and maintenance. Installation work is carried out in accordance with all regulatory documents and recommendations of power equipment manufacturers.

⠀⠀ We believe that the success of our work lies in close and mutually beneficial relationships with clients, regardless of the scale of their business. Every client, from a small private entrepreneur to a large industrial enterprise, deserves our time, attention and respect.
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