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Cable line 110 kW «‎Moskovskaya-Novokievskaya»
Construction of cable line 110 kW «‎Moskovskaya-Novokievskaya»
Reconstruction of 7 cells and inclusion in the energy market of a 300 MW unit at CHPP-6
Reconstruction of 7 cells I and II of the busbar system of 110 kW outdoor switchgear at combined heat and power plant-6 СП «KIEV CHPP».
Substation «Yelenovskaya»
⠀⠀The closed-type substation was originally 35/10 kW. We completed the reconstruction of the substation with the conversion to a new voltage class - 110/10 kW. Due to the complete shutdown of the substation and the tight schedule for reconstruction. The reconstruction itself was completed in 9 months.
⠀⠀We did a complete dismantling of all equipment. Inside, a large complex of construction works was carried out: demolition of interfloor floors and dismantling of the old foundation for transformers; installation of a new cable floor. We completed a set of works on relay protection of automation at ABB terminals. A leakage or gas monitoring system, ventilation and noise suppression system is provided, telemechanics work has been performed.
Substation "Telecenter"
⠀⠀ Works on reconstruction of 35 kW substation equipment with replacement of 35 kW replacement of welding rectifier VD-KZZ with vacuum circuit breakers with equipment delivery.
⠀⠀ Substation "Telecenter" is an infrastructure object under the protection of the Security Service of Ukraine, it supplies a television tower. The requirements for the organization of work were very high. The project was completed in a year, delivered on time.
⠀⠀ We have reconstructed 35 kW outdoor switchgear, modernized relay protection and automation.
⠀⠀Equipment installed:
  • Block of insulators БИ(А)-35-19 У1 with polymeric insulator 35 kW with surge arrester MWK-41.
  • Block of disconnectors БР(А)-35*16а 1 with disconnector РДЗ-2-35/1000 УХЛ 1, motor drive for main knives ПДАУХЛ1 and drive ПР-05 УХЛ 1 for grounding knives.
  • Voltage transformer block БТН(А)-35-18-ЩУ1 with voltage transformers VOT 38 35000 / V3 / 100/3 V (KRB intra) and high-voltage fuse ПКН-35 011.
  • Vacuum circuit breaker unit БВ(А)-35-9-Ш У1 with vacuum circuit breaker ВБ4-П-35 У1, current transformers CTSO 38, with disconnector РДЗ-2-35/1000 УХЛ1, drive for main knives PDA, drive PR-05 for earthing knives and MWK-41 surge arresters.
  • Block of support insulators БИ(А)-35-19-1 У1 with a polymer insulator 35 kW, the height of the support post is 3320 mm.
  • Rigid busbar VRP-35 kW in accordance with the project consists of three parts.
  • Protection and automation panel for T-1 transformer (not typical).
  • Protection and automation panel of the T-2 transformer.
  • On-load tap-changer panel of T-1 (T-2) transformer (not typical).
  • Electricity calculation panel ТН 35.
  • Central alarm panel.
  • Protection and automation panel СВ-10 kW (not typical).
  • Control panel ЩУЕ-1-1.
Substation "Voskresenskaya"
⠀⠀ Reconstruction of substation 110/35/10 kW with replacement of transformer T-2 and supply of equipment. The project lasted a year and was completed on time.
⠀⠀ Reconstructed 110 kW outdoor switchgear. We installed ready-made 35 kW units: disconnectors, switches, current and voltage transformers. We retrofitted 10 kW cells, installed modern vacuum switches and relay protection. We laid a 110 kW cable line with a length of 1700 m.
⠀⠀Terminals and switches from ABB, 35 kW units manufactured by Rivne high-voltage equipment plant.
Substation "Center"
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀Replacement of power transformers T-1, T-2 at the 110/10 kW substation with the supply of equipment.
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀The object was located in the center of the city, work was carried out in conditions of congested roads, bottlenecks for unloading transformers and difficult access roads. As a consequence, a hydraulic station and jacks were involved, a sleeper cage was built, and rails for transporting transformers were installed. The city services were involved to transport the transformers.
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀Replacement power transformers T-1 and T-2. The foundations for transformers were repaired. We installed a modern ventilation system with noise suppression chambers.
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