Substation 110/10 kV "Hostomel"

  • The project was carried out according to the scheme for the perspective development of 35-110 kV electrical networks of the Kyiv region for the period 2017-2027.

PJSC "Kyivoblenergo". The scope of reconstruction includes:
  • replacement of existing main transformers T1, T2 with transformers  capacity of 25 MVA each 110/10 kV, with tap-changer, with split winding on the 10 kV side;
  • reconstruction of oil receivers for new transformers T1, T2;
  • installation of replacement separators of 110 kV electric and gas circuit breakers and 110 kV remote current transformers;
  • installation of 110 kV voltage transformers;
  • replacement of all 110 kV disconnectors;
  • replacement of grounding devices ZON-110 kV;
  • replacement of arresters 110, 10 kV with surge arresters;
  • construction of a new complete switchgear of the KRPZ-10 kV block-module type for four sections of the 10 kV substation;
  • installation of the building of the general substation control point (ZPU) with RZA panels and own needs;
  • installation of new transformers for own needs 10/0.4 kV with a capacity of 63 kVA each.