Multifunctional complex with retail and office space

Construction and installation works on power supply of the object "Multifunctional complex with retail and office space" have been completed.

⠀⠀1. APvEgaPu-15-3 KL-10kV gasket (1x120g / 50) square mm. From I section RU-10 kV TP6105 to I section RU-10 kV TP6854. Disconnection of the existing CL-10 kV "6105-6854" in RU - 10 kV TP 6105 and TP 6854.

⠀⠀2. Power supply sections RU-10 kV TP-10 / 0.4 KL - 10 kV brand APEgaPu-15-3 (1x120g / 50) square mm. (In the ground and cable-pipe sewer):
- I section - from I section of RU-10 kV TP431 (com. No. 15) and from I section of RU-10 kV TP 6854. Disconnection of existing 10 kV CL-10 kV "RP431 - 6854" in RU - 10 kV RP431 and TP6854.
- II section - from II section RU-10 kV TP573 and from RU-10 kV TP3975. Disconnection of the existing KL-10 kV "573 - 3975" in RU-10 kV TP573 and TP3975.

⠀⠀3. Construction of cable and pipe sewerage for laying KL-10kV. Equipment RU10 kV TP8303 with Xiria (EATON) type sections, ShVP-2 cabinet of special needs with AVR unit and Mercury 230 ART-01 PQRSIV electricity meter, 5 (60) A.

⠀⠀4. Connection of the internal grounding circuit RU-10 kV with the grounding circuit TP8303.
Security signaling device in RU-10 kV TP8303 on the basis of PPK "Danuy 8/32".