The working project provides for:
  • execution of eight new KL-10 kV using a single-core cable with a sealed aluminum current-conducting core with a cross-section of 120 and 240 mm2 and insulation from cross-linked polyethylene of the APvEgaPu-20 kV brand with a total length of 5400 m;
  • instead of TP-888, install BKTP-10/0.4 kV #1  with two transformers with a capacity of 2x630 kVA and equipment of seven linear cells of 10 kV;
  • for the possibility of starting a new KL-10kV, install two KTP-10/0.4kV;
  • instead of TP-5950, install BKTP-10/0.4kV No. 2 with a 630 kVA transformer and the possibility of equipping one additional 10 kV linear cell;     
  • perform reconstruction of RU-0.4 kV TP-1687;
  • install 14 cable assemblies of the ZKU type on supports with general technical accounting equipment, and perform the required number of KL-0.4 kV cable terminations in the ground on the corresponding supports;  
  • supply the supports from RU-0.4 kV substations TP-888, TP-1687, TP-5950 and TP-898 with 0.4 kV cable outlets with a total length of 4,000 m;
  • to replace supports and all 0.4kV main lines with PLI-0.4kV using a 4x95 sq. m. mm with a total length of 8500 m;
  • switch existing consumers to new PLI-0.4kV