Construction of 10-0.4 kV networks for power supply of residential complex "Zhkok Sadochok"

According to the project, the following works were performed:
  • installation of 2 TMG-1000/10/0.4 kV power transformers;
  • installation of a complete 0.4 kV switchgear equipped with ShCHO-90 cells (9 pcs.) in the existing OZTP-10/0.4 kV;
  • arrangement of accounting of technical needs of OZTP and on inputs of 0.4 kV in RU-0.4 kV;
  • construction of KL-0.4 kV from RU-0.4 kV OZTP-10/0.4 kV to VRP-0.4 kV residential buildings No. 1, No. 2, No. 3.