Substation "Protasivska"

The scope of reconstruction includes:
  • complete dismantling of existing equipment in ZRP-10 kV (disconnectors, separators, arresters, short-circuiters, 110 kV linear inputs (ZRP-110 kV) and 110 kV busbars);
  • installation of compact hybrid power transformers of the HYpact-145 type;
  • installation of 110 kV linear surge arresters of the PCA3108 type;
  • installation of linear capacitor inputs 110 kV GSA123-АА/2000 (ZRP-110 kV);
  • installation of surge arresters 10 kV OSR-12L;
  • installation of the 110 kV project equipment busbar;
  • modernization of relay protection and automation;
  • installation of heating and ventilation systems.