Cable Line 110 kV "Ros - Fursy"

БConstruction of KL-110 kV from the Ros 110/35/10 kV substation to the design 110/10 kV Fursy substation:

  • installation of a two-circuit cable line with a voltage of 110 kV from 3 single-wire cables for each circuit;
  • cables - insulated from cross-linked polyethylene of the APvEgaPu-110 brand with a section of 240 mm² with a copper screen with a section of 95 mm²;
  • laying VOLZ with a single-mode cable for 24 fibers for the possibility of implementing telemechanization and technological communication.

The total length of the 110kV line is 6,580 m, of which 2,400 m was constructed using the trenchless method by the HNB's own installations.