Substation 110/35/10 kV "Ros", Substation 110/10 kV "Fursy"

Construction of a new 110/10 kV "Fursy" substation with a capacity of 2x40 MVA:
1) Construction of VRU-110 kV complete with the following equipment:
  • 110 kV circuit breaker - electric gas three-pole;
  • 110 kV current transformers;
  • 110 kV voltage transformers;
  • disconnectors 110 kV - horizontal-rotating three-pole;
  • 110 kV surge arresters for ZRN-110;
  • neutral grounding device ZRN-110 single-pole.
2) Foundation construction and installation of two 40 MW transformers.
3) Construction of a general substation control point.
4) Construction of a complete 10 kV switchgear (KRPZ-10 kV)
5) Installation of 12 cable lines with a voltage of 10 kV from RP-10kV to KRPZ-10kV of PS "Fursy" with 3 single-core cables per circuit.
6) Installation of relay protection devices and automation of 110kV elements.
7) Installation of fire safety systems and external lighting of the territory.

Reconstruction of VRU-110 kV PS-110/35/10 kV "Ros" in terms of installation of two additional cells.

The complete set of VRU-110 kV is provided with the following equipment:
  • 110 kV circuit breaker - electric and gas three-pole with a complete drive;
  • electric and gas current transformers 110 kV;
  • disconnectors 110 kV - horizontally rotating three-pole with two grounding blades as LR-110 kV and SHR-110 kV;
  • 110 kV surge arresters.