Connection to the electrical network of a photovoltaic power station with a capacity of 6.8 MW

This project provided for the following works on electricity supply:
  • execution of two KL-10 kV to RU-10 kV PS 35/10 kV "Dimer" with a length of 4150 m;
  • reconstruction of the existing reserve cells at the Dymer 35/10 kV substation for issuing the generated power of the Vyshhorod SPP;
  • installation of additional cells of 10 kV  and reconstruction of the existing one  to connect compensating reactors;
  • installation of compensating reactors of the  ONER3 OASC 200 kVA 10kV type complete with the REG-DPA unit;
  • construction of a new building for the PS telemechanics systems and complete reconstruction of the TM system on the PS.