Substation "Telecentr"

⠀⠀ Works on the reconstruction of the 35 kV substation equipment with the replacement of the 35 kV VD-KZ with vacuum circuit breakers with the supply of the equipment.
⠀⠀ PS "Telecentr" is an infrastructure object under the protection of the SBU, which feeds the television tower. The requirements for the organization of work were very high. The project was completed in a year, passed on time.
⠀⠀ We performed reconstruction of the 35 kV VRP, modernized relay protection and automation.

We installed the following equipment at the facility:
  • Block of insulators BI (A) -35-19 U1 polymer insulator 35 kV with MWK-41 open circuit breaker.
  • Block of disconnectors BR (A) -35 * 16a 1 with disconnector RDZ-2-35 / 1000 UHL 1, motor drive for main knives PDAUHL1 and drive PR-05 UHL 1 for grounding knives.
  • Block of voltage transformer БТН (А) -35-18-ШХУ1 with voltage transformers VOT 38 35000 / V3 / 100/3 V (KRB intra) and high-voltage fuse PKN-35 011. Block of vacuum switch BV (А) -35-9- Ш У1 with vacuum switch ВБ4-П-35 У1, CTSO 38 current transformers, with disconnector RDZ-2-35 / 1000 УХЛ1, drive for PDA main knives, PR-05 drive for grounding knives and MWK-41 ОПН.
  • Block of support insulators BI (A) -35-19-1 U1 with polymer insulator 35 kV, height of support rack 3320 mm.
  • According to the project, the rigid busbar of VRP-35 kV consists of three parts.
  • Transformer protection and automation panel T-1 (not typical).
  • Transformer protection and automation panel T-2.
  • T-1 (T-2) transformer tap-changer panel (not typical).
  • Electricity calculation panel TN 35.
  • Central alarm panel. SV-10 kV protection and automation panel (not typical).
  • Control panel SHUE-1-1.